Sustainability & environment

Ecovadis 2021 – Silver

Have you ever heard of “Corporate Social Responsibility”?

We have taken a closer look at our corporate social responsibility and have therefore been rated as part of the top 5% companies in the accounting sector since January 2021.
We are pleased to have been awarded the silver Ecovadis seal for the sustainability rating.

“Corporate Social Responsibility” means the responsibility of companies for their impact on society. We place a special focus on sustainability, starting in our offices and caring about the environment. Furthermore, we keep an eye on ethical, work-related human rights topics and present a very high standard in our company.

So, we try to make short and long-term contributions to our social responsibility every day.

Further details and examples can be found in the categories “We & our offices“, “Animal welfare” and “social commitment“.


Together with the UNW (Ulm Initiative Group for Sustainable Economic Development), confinac financially supported the 2020 tree-planting campaign of the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and raising children’s awareness for climate change.
The academy took place on October 24, 2020 in Ulm.
At this event, children will learn interesting facts about climate change and can
become active themselves by planting trees.