About us & our locations

For us, sustainability begins at the workplace:

  • We hardly use any paper. Our documents are stored in secure cloud-based systems and are rarely printed out. This has always been an important part of the way we work and is highly valued by our customers.
  • On top of our low paper consumption we practice sustainable travel. Since our beginnings, we have been handling most of the appointments in the form of video conferences. If necessary, we are, of course, onsite at our customers.
  • Coffee from sustainable cultivation in cooperation with the Hummen coffee roastery. We only use fully automatic coffee machines and do not use capsule machines. Our coffee beans are organically grown, by many different small farms.
  • Confinac strives for proper recycling. We have introduced central garbage stations in our offices, which are clearly marked.
    Since we spend a lot of time at our workplace, we also produce a lot of waste. With strategically aligned garbage stations, we also reduce plastic bag consumption in the workplace. We never use any environmentally harmful cleaning agents. That is why we use sustainable cleaning products.
  • The climate at the workplace is very important to us. Plants not only make our workplace more beautiful, they also make the air more pleasant and filter out harmful substances.
    When the air is clean, our well-being and productivity also increase.