Expert view: Key global procurement trends for 2017

Summary │ One of the four trends in the procurement sector is: Digitalization of the supply chain. A good way to consider the supply chain network is as a digital supplier network, integrate procurement needs within the entire payables process through digitalization of the supply chain. Confinac financial services adds value to your business by supporting you with relevant consultancy advice.

Enhanced data reporting and analysis is a second trend. A central platform presents the opportunity to take much of the friction and work out of traditional paper-based purchasing by linking purchasing and accounts payable to a unified e-policy. Confiac financial services seek for procurement solutions that give a transparent overview on spend.

A third trend is the enterprise-wide education around procurement. It is important to streamline all procurement procedures within the firm. Confinac financial services helps to identify and improve group purchasing rates and the strategy to optimise the internal work flow regarding procurement.

The fourth and last trend refers to collaboration. Procurement executives have multiple roles: negotiator, strategist, mediator, data aggregator, and financial analyst. With collaboration of all departments having the same goal regarding coordination and process optimisation efficiency can be reached. Confinac financial services offers procurement solutions with a holistic view of the procurement processes.

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